Your New Plants' Message

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We know you thought us absolutely beautiful and would like to stay that way.

In order to help you, we hired a professional writer that is an expert in live plants. It is clearly seen that on the first day you have a plant, you need to keep it looking good and growing well. It is now time for us plants to convey our needs in a way you can understand.


Now we do understand that you aren't a plant and aren't up on our language.

You speak in tongues, plants speak in signs and this message seems the best way to ensure our relationship is a beautiful affair. Just remember we are in this together, you the human and we the plants. We can only adapt to your environment nicely when the introduction is properly conducted.


Your newly adopted plants need immediate attention the day the box arrives.

Having been closed up in complete darkness for the past few days, please don't put us in the blasting bright sunlight right away. You can understand how unsettling such an abrupt change could be. A shady spot to relax in for a couple of days is best. Remember, we have just traveled across the country bumping along in freight compartments and being rather rudely tossed about. Please allow us a short rest before demanding we get to work.


Our roots will most likely be dry when we arrive on your doorstep.

We're sure you will agree that a nice cool drink after a rough day or a harrowing experience is very revitalizing. So please see to watering those roots well as soon as you've got your new plants out of the packaging. Kindly be sure to recover any roots that may have been exposed in transit. It is never good for ones brains to be hanging out in the air. We'll all be a lot better off if you see to this for us.


Finally, do read the planting directions for each of the particular plants you get.

All different types of plants have a few simple homecoming rituals that will give you much better growing success. Do be sure our roots are thoroughly saturated at planting time. Thank you for coming today as our few moments of communication will give both you and your new plants a great deal of longevity and pleasure.


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Your New Plants' Message

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This article was published on 2010/05/21