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A personal garden with greenery and flowers all around is really a heavenly dream. For some its a hobby for others a time pass but gardening has always been one of the favourite of works you would like to do at home. Terrace gardens or the ones in your courtyard, all of them need intensive care and being looked after. It might not sound as an easy job but the introduction of plug plants in gardening has made the job much easier for you.

Now what exactly is a plug plant and how does it turn gardening into a no trouble game for you? They are already germinated seeds which have a small plant and root sprouting out of them. Usually three to six inches tall they are much in demand especially coz they are a sure shot. Now what generally happens when you plant seeds? Either the seeds grow into plants or they dont. In both the cases you are left wondering for weeks on end if your endeavour will be a success.

Bad seeds do not sprout into plants and the good ones do. However if you are using a plug plant, the instance of a bad seed is eliminated and you can see the plant growing everyday with your own eyes.

Planting these sprouting seeds in your garden is also an easy job. All you need to do is to dig a small hole in your garden and then place the plant in it. The hole will need to be big enough for the root to go freely inside the soil. Remove the tray of the plant and then place it in the soil.

Make sure you cover the roots well. After this the plant will need a bit of looking after since it will take some time to adjust to the outdoor plantation. Once the plant gets used to the outdoor atmosphere you will automatically get a wide grin on your face.

Perhaps the best thing about a plug plant is the fact that right from the day you plant them you have somewhat a green garden to admire. The abundant amount of foliage makes sure that you dont have to wait for weeks on end to catch the first glimpse of your plant.

Plug plants are available is a wide range of varieties. From annuals to perennials whether you need flowers or vegetables all of them are available in the market. There actually is no limit to the types available worldwide.

Buying plug plants is also not an issue as they are available in abundance at your nearest gardening store. You can also buy plug plants online as there are many dedicated gardening sites for the same.

So the next time you plan on building a garden make sure you prefer plug plants over seeds. Buy one of these, plant it in your garden and be assured that youll have a beautiful growth of the same.
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Types Of Plug Plants

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This article was published on 2010/10/24