The Benefits of Freshwater Plants

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As hobbyists, we want to provide what's ideal for our pets. As freshwater aquarium keepers, we want a set up, as much as possible, that's natural-looking and close to the regular ecosystem. What better way to do this but add live, freshwater plants. It will surely enliven the view of your tank. Apart from having a great looking tank, it has lots of advantages for the fish. Live plants play a great role when put inside an aquarium.

Artificial plants can be good for aesthetic purposes too but if you can purchase live ones at almost the same price, why not just opt for them instead? Here are some neat reasons why you should choose freshwater plants:

Fish need oxygen.Live plants undergo photosynthesis and oxygen is a byproduct of this process. There would then be enough amount of oxygen in your tank to keep your fish healthy.

Balance nitrogen. Apart from using up the carbon dioxide, they shadow the nitrogen levels in your tank.

Hiding place.They provide a sanctuary for the fishes especially when they become distressed. The freshwater plants can also be a good breeding ground for your fishes.

Food. It is a great source of food for the fish provided that they don't do overkill and bite away the leaves.

Anchors the substrate. The roots of the plants will greatly help keep the substrate in place especially when the roots develop underneath.

Balance algae.Since freshwater plants and algae compete for the same nutrients in order for them to survive, algal growth can be controlled.

Health indicators. Imbalance in the water's chemistry will most probably affect the plants first before your fish. You will be able to detect that there is something wrong with your tank's ecosystem. You will be able to take necessary steps to check your tank and prevent further damage.

Research on the kind of freshwater plants you would like to have. Consider also what kind of fishes you intend to take care of and do some matching. A great example of fish and plant matching can be found in It discusses a type of fish and some characteristics that need to be matched to different kinds of plants. There are numerous varieties on the internet and in pet shops. Don't hesitate to ask so that your goal will be successful.

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The Benefits of Freshwater Plants

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This article was published on 2010/04/03