Stone Processing Plant,slag Crushing Plant,stone Crushing Plant

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Stone processing plant
Natural stone - is a marvelous building and decorative material, this is an inimitable creature of the nature, that impresses with its beauty, singularity of patterns and variety of colors und color shades. The natural stone is considered to be a symbol of high life duration. Its applications are divers.

The stationary machine POLYWIRE is designed for marble and granite cutting with several wires at the same time. From the viewpoint of cutting speed and accuracy as the life duration and safety this equipment is considered as the best one today. The cutting thickness of slabs can be installed from 21 till 151 mm. The machine is automatically operated by computer, it checks the sinking speed of wires, the move of a trolley after every cutting cycle and stops the machine if a abnormal situation occurs.
Slag crushing plant
BIC introduces the first ever-successful slag crusher plant in used by reputed steel plants in India, BIC Crusher Plant is widely used for crushing especially slag, stone, refractories, coal & many other products & helps in the recovery of metal having commercial value, earn healthy profits from their waste product.
Slag of steel plant of furnace containing 10 to 20% pure metal but discharged in the form of slag or waste product due to improper operation. But the slag of steel plant is no more the waste product !because our crusher separator plant is simple & efficient source of purifying metal from slag or furnace waste.
Stone crushing plant
With help of feeding flight conveyor. The flight conveyor can handle boulders upto 30 mm size and the feeding height of the conveyor is only 2.5 to 3 mtr. Hence, the plant can be fed with the help of loaders without any feeding ramp. If required one small ramp of 2 mtr. height can be constructed with the help of wire mesh.
In our design we have planned to supply complete conveyor system in tubular structure construction. The supports of the conveyor will be leg or rope as per the requirement. The head drum of the conveyor are self geared maintenance free. There will be no need of any outside gear box system for this conveyor. All conveyors considered are 500 mm belt width and the belts are endless type with 315/3 quality, 3 mm top, 1.5 mm bottom and M-24 grade of covering. In our layout planning we have considered to supply total conveyors of 110 mtr. long in 7 sections.
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Stone Processing Plant,slag Crushing Plant,stone Crushing Plant

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