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Many people for the first time are turning to gardening to help off set the rising cost of food. One of the first vegetables they want to grow is tomatoes. But they become very disappointed when they do not turn out the way they envisioned them.

Now I have been growing tomatoes for over thirty years in all parts of the country. I have grown tomatoes in California, Alabama, North Carolina, Nebraska, Alaska and now in Northern Nevada. The easiest place to grow them I have found was in the south, while the most difficult place to grow them was in Alaska and Northern Nevada.

Taking a few simple easy steps you can tomatoes with great success.

Picking Your Plants

I have grown tomatoes from seed, but find it time-consuming and the plants turn out very spindly. This is because when you start them indoors, they tend to grow tall toward the sunlight. To help stop this I would move them outside when the weather was warm and then bring them in at night when it cooled off.

So to prevent having spindly tomatoes and having to move them all the time, I wait till the local stores have them and can get some really nice plants relatively cheap.

When I am selecting my plants, I look for those that look nice and green, and are at least six to ten inches high. I also prefer those without flowers. I will explain why I want them a certain height when it comes to planting.


I have found that tomatoes grow well in all types of soil except for the soil around Fairbanks, Alaska. The soil there consisted mainly of gravel and had very little soil.

What ever soil you have, keep the pH between 6.0 and 6.8. Mulching is also important to provide nutrients to your tomato plants.

It is important to have warm soil before planting. To have warm soil, I used a greenhouse to grow my tomatoes when I lived in Alaska. In Northern Nevada, I use cloches, which are dome-shaped covers you can use to warm the soil and start your plants outside earlier. Or you can use black plastic to warm up your soil.


Take the plants you have purchased and remove the leaves except for the three or four at the top. Then create a trench where you want to plant your plants and lay your plant in the trench and bury it leaving only the top three or four leafs exposed. This will allow your plants to develop more roots for a stronger plant with better looking and tasting tomatoes.

Caring For Your Plants

As your plants grow keep the suckers snipped, they produce no fruit and rob your plants of needed nutrients. Keep your plants well watered, but also well-drained. To help prevent fungus from attacking your plants, keep the bottom six inches of your plants free from leaves. This is normally where the fungus starts because the water splashes up on the leaves allowing for growth of fungus.

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Planting Tomatoes - Tips On Planting Tomatoes

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Planting Tomatoes - Tips On Planting Tomatoes

This article was published on 2011/06/09