Plant Quality Herb Seeds and Garden Seeds for an Expansive and Spectacular Garden

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Choose your garden seeds wisely. Put your hands only on those where the quality is unquestioned. Risk choosing shoddy seeds only if you want the harvest to leave you disappointed, wondering whether a wise decision would have made a difference.

Good herb seeds ensure a quality harvest. You can grow a variety of remedial herbs in your garden and ensure you can use them in need. They come to your rescue when you need them most. You can grow the Basil, also known as Ocimum Basilicum, an annual plant with aromatic leaves for cucumber souring. The flower is sweet and also slightly peppery. Its dried leaves are usually good for salads, cottage cheese, fish, roast meat and sauces. You can blend it with tomato dishes, soups, pasta, eggs and risottos.

One of the best quality garden seeds are the Red Basil, also known as Ocimum Basilicum. It is a showy annual plant with aromatic dark-purple leaves and pink flowers. Fresh leaves from this plant are used as seasoning to cucumber souring along with dried leaves in salads, sauces, casseroles, fish and roasted meat.

Get the Borage Herb Seeds to plant in your garden. This is an annual ornamental plant used in seasoning. The leaves are added to vegetable salads, meat and fish dishes. The plant is more or less an anti-inflammatory, calming and diuretic. The Camomile, also known as the Matricaria Chamomilla, is another annual plant with medicinal qualities. Use it as herb to treat stomach diseases.

Sowing the Caraway in your garden is beneficial. A Biennial Plant, it can be added to meat, cooked vegetables and most categorically to cabbage. It is a favourite topping on cheese, as it adds a lot of taste and flavour to it. The Chives Bohemia is a perennial plant with pink decorative flowers. Its aromatic leaves are used for seasoning. The whole plant can be consumed as herb from top to bottom.

The Garlic Chives grow beautifully in your garden. Both the leaves and the stalks of the flowers are used as flavouring besides being used as a stir fry ingredient. The flowers also double up as spice. The Coriander is an annual plant grown all over the year. The seeds are used as seasoning while roasting pork, smoking meat, pate, sauces and cakes. The spirit extract and infusion can be used to stimulate the appetite. Coriander seeds can also be chewed to stimulate secretion of gastric juices.

Then there are plenty of other seeds you can happily sow to expect good results such as Anethum Graveolens, also known as Dill; Fennel; True Lavender; Lemon Balm; Black Mustard; Oregano; Parsley Fine Leaved; Parsley Large Leaved Fest; Peppermint; Rosemary; Sage; Summer Savory; Taragon;  Thyme etc.

Make your garden special. Let it be replete with these seeds. These are some of the best there are and your garden becomes a natural seeds with these sown all over. Mark these words, the harvest will leave you delighted as and when it happens. Besides, the medicinal value is always encouraging.

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Plant Quality Herb Seeds and Garden Seeds for an Expansive and Spectacular Garden

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Plant Quality Herb Seeds and Garden Seeds for an Expansive and Spectacular Garden

This article was published on 2011/12/31