Ornamental Plants – Ferns and Junipers

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Ferns are just one of the many 12,000 species of plants in the world. Their history goes back prehistoric times where they lived together with prehistoric giants. They are one of the most plant species that have wide array of habitants, from swamps, to deserts, to shady forests, and tropical places. Ferns have wide uses both in economical and commercial aspects. They are considered edible plants, such as cinnamon ferns, bracken ferns, and licorice ferns. It has been discovered that ferns are rich in carcinogens that are cures tumors and other cancerous diseases. Just as they are useful in other matters, ferns are undeniable important as commercial and residential ornaments.

Because of the fern's versatility when it comes to their habitant, these ferns are widely used as landscape plants in houses, gardens, patios, offices, and commercial establishments. As ferns have numerous versatile species, they are great ornaments too. The most popular is Boston fern. A Boston fern is a classic home ornaments that date back their use back Victorian era. Their bushy description is best to fill empty spaces in patios and gardens. Boston fern plants could also be used in the interior of any house or establishment. These fern plants are good in any season too. They could well adapt both winter and summer season.

For those who do not have time to take care of these plants, faux ferns are the solution. Faux ferns are easy to maintain and are cost effective. Faux ferns are looks exactly the same as real ones without the hassle of ever taking care of them. Outdoor artificial ferns are great investments as they could stand the suns heat. Outdoor artificial ferns are UV protected meaning to say that they do not easily wither and discolor. Outdoor artificial ferns could also withstand any weather.

Although ferns are great ornaments both in the inside and outside of any establishment, one substitute to these plants is junipers. Junipers are fast growing plants that could also be great to fill up empty spaces in gardens and patios. They are mostly used now in commercial establishments too. Artificial junipers are commonly used as borders in restaurants and malls. Artificial junipers would look great if placed in planters and pots. Also, artificial junipers are less costly than artificial ferns.

Plants with their majestic beauty have great uses both in economic and commercial aspects, especially with ferns and junipers.

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Ornamental Plants – Ferns and Junipers

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This article was published on 2011/07/21