Late Tomato Planting

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Can you already taste that juicy vine ripened tomato that you pick fresh from your own garden area? I can, but I simply did not get my plants in early enough. I know most of you backyard gardeners have probably already planted your tomatoes and are patiently awaiting the fruits to develop. Unfortunately, as usual I am behind in getting some of my garden planting completed but all is not lost. A quick trip to my local Lowe's and like magic I have tomato plants that are ready to be placed in the ground. I would like to provide you with a short fact sheet on how I generally plant these veggies when I am running out of growing season and am forced to purchase those plants that are already in the process of maturing.

Naturally there are as many diverse methods used to plant tomatoes as there are gardeners but here is my favorite ways that I have used more then once in the past to raise them with acceptable results.

When I plant my new tomatoes plants I always add approximately 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts and one of a 13-13-13 fertilizer. You can either place this mixture in the soil surrounding the plant or you can put it directly into the hole that you have dig for the tomato plant. In either case make certain that you have mixed both ingredients well with a little bit of soil before you place your plant in the hole. Finally you should water the area very well
If your tomato plants are of regular sized then what you will want to do is dig a hole and place the plant into the hole in a vertical position. Replace all the removed soil around the plant and water it well. Nothing could be simpler.
On the other hand in the event that your plants which you have just purchased are exceptionally tall you can dig out more of a trench than merely going straight down. In this case remove the bottom branches of your tomato plant and lay the plant carefully into the trench leaving the top 1/2 to 1 inch out of the trench. Cover the trench with the soil. Your plant will now grow roots on the entire portion of stem that is covered with soil in the trench. Since a tomato plant is basically a weed it will grow roots just about anywhere along its stem when placed in contact with the soil. Good luck and enjoy these late started tomato plants.

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Late Tomato Planting

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This article was published on 2010/03/29