Grow Your Own Plants In A Hydroponic System

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Do think that you cannot grow plants except in soil? If yes, then you should think again as actually you can grow your plants without any soil. Growing plants without soil is called hydroponics. Imagine that you have a system whether inside your home or a bigger one that enable you to grow plants faster, easier, healthier and all this with no soil at all. All you need to grow plants using hydroponics is a solution that consists of water and special nutrients for each type of plan and a system that contain this solution and the plants you want to grow.

There are different types of hydroponic techniques like the aeration technique, aeroponics and the nutrient film technique. In aeroponics you need to anchor the plants in a certain in order to be able to apply the solution you have prepared to the roots either directly or by spraying it in the form of air mist on the roots.

In hydroponics you need a media to grow the plants on. The role of the media is to retain the solution for some time and be able to support the plant to make contact between the roots and the solution. There are different media for hydroponics that you can choose from. Some of these media are sand, Styrofoam, rockwool and others.

You can grow many types of plants using hydroponics, but of course the popular types that people grow with hydroponics are the types that they can sell. Many growers like to use this system to grow tomatoes, herbs and many seedlings that they can sell or transplant to be grown in soil.

You can think of the great benefits of hydroponics. You can grow vegetables indoors and eat fresh vegetables. You don’t need a large space containing soil to grow plants. Hydroponics gives you the chance to grow your crops almost everywhere from your balcony to very big greenhouses. Also think of the healthy part, growing crops in soil can make them less healthy and you will need to remove weeds.

If you tried to grow in a space of soil and in an equal space of hydroponic solution you will be able to grow more plants in the solution space and you will be able to harvest earlier. Have you seen anyone who throw the seeds in the soil and do nothing to the plants till the harvest time? Well, this is possible with hydroponic systems as you can use technology to automate everything in your system and do almost nothing till the harvest time.

You may think that this is a complicated technique, it may be in the beginning as everything else. By time you will get used to everything that need to be done and if you chose to automate your system your work will be reduced very much. So what prevents you from trying this fun, fast and healthier way of growing crops? Just think of the benefits and find a good guide to help you step by step and try this interesting technique.

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Grow Your Own Plants In A Hydroponic System

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This article was published on 2011/10/29