Garden Indoors This Winter With Hydroponic Systems

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The gardening fun of growing your own flowers, vegetables and fruits does not have to end just because the weather turns colder and uncooperative during the winter months.  Many gardeners turn to indoor gardening, and particularly to using hydroponic growing systems, in order to keep a gardening growing even during the cold months.  Hydroponic systems are available in several different types, and you can select those that you prefer and will work best with the sorts of plants you wish to grow indoors.  Hydroponic systems provide an easy way to ensure that you can still enjoy gardening by using this effective indoor gardening method.

You might choose from two popular hydroponic systems, which include the ebb and flow hydroponic system and the aeroponics hydroponic system.  The ebb and flow hydroponic system utilizes a reservoir inside which is placed plant nutrient solution, which is plant food that is used in hydroponic grow systems.  Directly above the reservoir is another tray that has holes in it, holes big enough for the plant roots to poke through, but not so big that the crown of the plants are sitting in the watery solution, which can cause the crown to rot and die.  A pump mechanism is used in these hydroponic growing systems to raise and lower the solution up into the top tray at regular intervals, and then the solution drains out of the tray through the holes back into the reservoir below.  Aeroponics, which is not technically part of the array of hydroponic systems, nevertheless utilizes some of the same principles and equipment used in hydroponic gardening.  With aeroponics, the plants are suspended in the air in nets used to hold the crowns of the plants secure.  At intervals, a sprayer system mists the roots of the plants with plant nutrient, the same type of nutrient solution that is used in hydroponic grow systems. In both cases, because the roots of the plants are so much more readily exposed to oxygen than soil-grown plants, the plants grown in hydroponic systems and by aeroponics tend to grow faster, and thus reach maturity more quickly, a decided benefit.

If you would like to try these methods of indoor gardening, but are not sure where to start, consider ordering hydroponic kits.  These kits include all of the individual parts that you will need to get started with these and other types of indoor gardening, minus the plants and plant nutrient.  This is because the type of plant nutrient you need will vary depending entirely on the types of plants you want to grow, and how you want the plants to respond at various stages of growth and maturity; there are hundreds of different types of plant nutrient formulated for these and other purposes.  

You can find hydroponic kits and aeroponic sets at discount indoor gardening supply websites.

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Garden Indoors This Winter With Hydroponic Systems

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This article was published on 2010/12/09