Freshwater Aquarium Plant Cuttings

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Did you know that plant cuttings, the un-rooted tops of plants often turn out to be very versatile in the aquarium. In the aquarium they can be used two ways, as backdrop plants that create a wide variety of color & leaf shapes or foreground vegetation.

Red varieties of plants are more difficult to cultivate as they require intensive light and the green-leaved species are generally more easier requiring less light.

In order for light to reach the plant leaves on the bottom of the aquarium and arrange staggered rows of individual plant cuttings. Avoid the temptation of planting in bunches as it will damage the plant by bruising the stems causing rot.

Depending on the plant some grow emersed (out of water) or submerged in the water. Emersed plants are easier to harvest and often there is woody cuttings available from them. Upon first planting, many leaves will fall off but leave the stems in place and with a few weeks time you will see small growths at the leaf joints. When the shoots become long enough, cut them off and now plant as cuttings.

When the new cuttings are established, discard the old original woody stems. When plants become too tall, remove them from the tank and trim them to the required length and replant the top sections and retain the bottom sections for another tank planting. They will develop side shoots and therefore producing more plants.

Some recommended plants for the freshwater aquarium are:

-Water Hedge
-Giant Elodea
-Canadian Pondweed
-Dwarf Hygrophila
-Water Wistera

Keep in mind cold water and brackish-water plants must be able to tolerate cool temperatures and some salinity. Although some freshwater plants can survive and even thrive in these conditions always make sure to check the appropriate plant requirements.

Some examples of Brackish-water plants are:

-Canadian Pondweed
-Java Fern

Some examples of Coldwater plants are:

-Canadian Pondweed

Plant in your aquarium make a beautiful and functional addition and more economical using clippings.

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Freshwater Aquarium Plant Cuttings

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This article was published on 2010/04/03