Caring For Knockout Roses

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Knockout Roses were a thought in the mind of a botanist in Wisconsin many years ago and the result was simple. He developed a rose plant that was sturdy and free from diseases. So, how did he suggest that you care for them? It's simple, but it does take commitment to the maintenance of caring for the knockout rose.

Proper rose care of your plant starts the day that you bring them home. You need to be sure that your soil is prepared properly before you start your new garden. You will want to invest in a soil that is rich in organic materials so that your roses will get the nutrients they need. The organic materials that are best would be natural compost and even manure. This help the plants have good health and to grow to their maximum potential.

You will need to be sure that you dig a whole deep enough to accommodate your plants. When digging, it's a good idea to place your container on the ground and dig around it. They need a hole that is about the size of two containers so that it can accommodate your roots. They need room to grow and the roots need to be spread out so they aren't cramped up.

Before you insert your plant into the new hole, you will need to put a black tarp down over the holes you dug to plant your rose. You will need to cut out the area where the plant will be inserted. This will prevent the weeds from growing in your garden, and keep pests from attacking your flowers.

Lift the new plant out of the container with ease so it isn't disturbed by movement. Slowly and carefully place the rose down into the hole, and then water the roots before you cover the base with the soil. Watering the roots before covering it will help the roots settle and spread out into the new location. Once you bring the soil up around the base of the plant add more water to it.

The next step is to put mulch down all around to protect the base of the plant. This will keep it free from the elements of weather and infestation from pests. Mulch is also helpful when in a cooler climate, because it keeps the roots below ground and keeps them protected from a freeze.

Make sure to water your rose plants at least every three days. Your plant generally need at least one inch of water a week, so be sure to water them early in the day or if they appear to be wilting. This will ensure that they get the moisture they need.

You can add fertilizer later that has a time release to it. This way you don't have to fertilize every month. Your roses needs a fresh batch of fertilizer every month to keep it going, so be sure to maintain this properly.

The rose plant can grow to be three feet high or taller, so pruning is essential. Be sure to prune during the growing season to keep them from being unruly!

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Caring For Knockout Roses

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Caring For Knockout Roses

This article was published on 2011/11/27