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Around springtime when the ground thaws out, it's a good time to begin the planting of your rose garden.

Roses have been a great and much loved aphrodisiac ever since the bible times, and they've actually existed for the past three thousand years. In spite of that they're still quite a mystery for many people, and most of all they smell rather nice.

Something that you're going to need to do is make sure that your rose bushes are planted in a spot which gets somewhere in the neighborhood of four to six hours of sunlight per day so that your rose bushes will remain healthy.

You'll want to do your best to not plant a large number of trees or any other plant next to your rose bush, simply because they have the capability of hindering your rose bush's growth. If your aim is to plant a new rosebush, then make sure that you take out at least one and a half cubic feet of the old soil, and then you will need to use some fresh soil to replace that, which you can likely buy from your local plant nursery. When you're placing the rose within the garden you need to think about the habits of the rose.

Take the following into account, pace climbers and ramblers near fences, or trellises, or even near arches and pergolas. This is an area which will allow them to grow freely, and it will give them the chance to create beautiful blooms.

You will also find that roses can look exquisite within garden beds amongst perennials. If you want to do something really great then you can plant miniature roses on the edges in the shadows of larger roses.

Shrub roses are great too when planted by themselves, and you could even plant several to create a hedge. Another use that people often take advantage of them for is to hide parts of the garden that are less than aesthetically pleasing.

Try digging a hole that's big enough for the roots, and make sure that the hole is loose at the bottom. Adding bone meal to the hole will also help the roots to grow.

Your rose bush needs to be put in the hole, and then fill the hole with soil making sure that the roots are adequately covered. Before you actually finish covering make sure that you give the rose some water, and then make a mound of soil approximately six inches in height. This will keep your stems from drying till the plant takes root.

You need to be quite careful with the depth that you plant your roses at. The actual depth is different for different areas.

If you're in an area that's a bit colder, then you'll want to try and plant your roses a little deeper, and even talk to those who have planted roses near you. If you've purchased potted roses, the put them in about an inch below the level that they were in the pot.

So what is the best time to plant a rose? Well it actually depends on the winter temperature. If temperatures never drop below negative ten degrees Fahrenheit then you could try planting in either spring or fall without any issue. If the temperature in your area tends to drop below that threshold then you should plant in the springtime. Always make sure that you plant your roses in a dormant state if you buy them bore root, however container plants are able to be planted at any time.

The rose spacing is something that will be determined by the temperature as well. If you're in a place in which the winter is particularly bad and your rose plants don't grow quite as large, then you might want to space hybrid tea roses about 1 ½ to 3 feet apart. Those roses that tend to grow large, will probably need three or even five feet of space in between. Then there are the climbers which require even more, which is to say as much as eight to ten feet.

If the temperature in wintertime happens to be lower than ten degrees Fahrenheit, then you will find that your roses will thrive if you take care of them in the right manner. As the gardener you need to be ready for the cold even while it's nice and warm outside.

If the climate is colder, then roses will be last fertilized around August fifteenth to stop new canes from forming. The reason is that any new canes at this point will not survive during the cold of winter.

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Best Time to Plant Roses

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This article was published on 2010/03/27