Attracting Potential Residents From the Outside

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"It's not what's outside, but what's inside that counts" is generally a true statement. However, attracting residents to the inside of your property can get a bit tricky if the outside appearance isn't up to par with their expectations. In this, it is essential to consider the outside appearance, in a word, the yard.

Yard maintenance is simple and a small amount of work can go very far, if it's done right the first time. One thing that is essential in the majority of American neighborhoods is grass. Keep it short with as little bald patches as possible. It doesn't have to be the greenest spot in the neighborhood, just lush enough that the ground isn't bare. Trees are another essential: if you've got them, maintain them. That means dead limbs should be removed in the early spring, thus improving the tree's cosmetic appeal as well as protecting your assets. Nobody wants a tree limb falling on their roof. An added bonus to this is that if you get the dead limbs at one time, you will save yourself the trouble of clearing sticks out of the yard before each mow, granted you are the one maintaining the grounds. If you don't have trees, consider purchasing or transplanting one.

On purchasing plants, since you'll need a bush or two for some semblance of a garden, consider first a local nursery. They often times have a much higher standard for their plants and therefore a better quality. Home improvement stores can be ideal for plants if you go looking at the right time, and they do often have some sort of guarantee on it, just be sure to check the label and keep the receipt. Both the local shops and the chain warehouses are going to carry what you'll need: grass seed, trees, bushes, and other plants. The bushes you get should ideally be lowering shrubs: nothing grabs the attention like a splash of color. As for the other plants, that's up to you and whatever corner of the world you live in. My last bit of advice is to only buy perennial plants. Annuals will look lovely for the year you bought them and then they will die. When they go, so does your investment.

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Attracting Potential Residents From the Outside

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This article was published on 2010/03/31